APEX Services

Mining Exploration And Project Development

Advice and Consulting.

From Consulting to Delivering Technical Studies, we can assist your company in making the right decision for mining, civil, energy, hydrocarbon, and agriculture projects.

People and Business Representation – Outsourcing.

We can manage the personnel necessary for your project as well as provide Staffing, Intermediaries and Business Representation. We have a great deal of outsourcing experience.

– Equipo – Equipment – Rentand Sale of Equipment and Machinery.

APEX can rent, buy and manage any type of equipment or machinery needed for your project. We get the best deals and know the reputable dealers.

– Extras – Post Sale, Maintenance and Industrial Cleaning.

We provide the best customer service in South America. That means we go the extra mile to provide post sales, spare parts for machinery and vehicles, extra maintenance and industrial cleaning, as well as Training, Customer Service, bureaucratic formalities, etc.