– Extras – Post-sale, Maintaining and Industrial Cleaning

Post – Sale and Maintaining

APEX is in the industrial sector, Agriculture, Construction, Geotechnical, Oil, Energy and Mining equipment and specialized technical services.

Over the years we have maintained sustained growth that has allowed us to develop and consolidate our sale and rental of equipment, service, spare parts and after sales division.

Our experience is backed by the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. We believe our After Sales Service is one of our main pillars, which has been instrumental in our growth.

Our After Sales Service include:

  • An express service where we perform maintenance and overhaul of machinery. No appointment needed.
  • A comprehensive repair and replacement division that works quickly to minimize the time the machinery is down..
  • Vehicles and machinery go through a rigorous and transparent control system.
  • All machinery and vehicles are delivered to the customer after a free external and internal cleaning.
  • Repairs are guaranteed.
  • We have spare vehicles, in case a vehicle is in the shop being repaired.

Industrial Cleaning

We provide a service for every industrial need. We cover all sectors, our activities have been developed to suit each client; accumulated experience allows us to offer a quality service under the strictest security measures and training of our employees.

Our goal is to achieve superior cleanup to ensure the production process and the safety of facilities and people who work in them.

APEX provides qualified industrial cleaning staff with technical expertise in:

Integral cleaning of factories:

  • Cleaning of machinery and processing facilities.
  • Cleaning of buildings.
  • Projects and design or cleaning services.
  • Optimization of resources.
  • Engineering services.


Waste management:

  • Conditioning and waste collection.
  • Evaluation, withdrawal and transport to landfill.
  • Management and environmental documentation.


Technical cleaning:

  • Hydrodynamic
  • Surfaces.
  • Heat exchangers, heaters.
  • Pipes and processing circuitry.
  • Reservoirs, tanks, reactors.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Facilities search.



  • Cleaning of items with irregular or inaccessible surfaces.
  • Minimization of waste.
  • Machinery, molds.


Chemical cleaning:

  • Processing circuits.
  • Exchangers, cooling, deposits.
  • Cooling circuits.
  • Surface treatment.