Personnel – Staffing Solution


– Personnel – Staffing Solution and Business Representation


Personnel – Staffing Solution

APEX provides specialists and service personnel, such as; engineers, geologists, geotechnical, camp managers, cleaners, etc.

At APEX we select experienced staff that we are confident can provide security and meet the great challenges of working under stressful situations.

We hire professionals, based on their skills, knowledge and competencies per project.

For future team members, we are always looking to attract, develop and retain the best talent in the market. To achieve this, we have different business training programs.

Our workforce is comprised of a variety of qualified office staff to professional business managers.

Business Representation (OUTSOURCING)

Our outsourcing model meets the quality requirements for our global customers at the lowest possible cost. We are positioned strategically in South America to provide quality stadding that can handle workloads at all levels.

With a combined experience of two generations in the global industry APEX has the experience and knowledge to provide tailored solutions to companies around the world. Representation service business starts with understanding customer needs, documenting customer processes, evaluating client objectives and developing a project tailored to specific customer processes. Satisfaction at all levels is sought and brand loyalty is encouraged.

APEX offers a wide range of business representation, with specialized services in all industries and markets in South America. Our experience will save precious time in evaluating the capabilities of suppliers, contract negotiation and compliance with the National Standards. We are governed strongly by our core values of integrity, teamwork and excellence to develop lasting partnerships.