A P EXploration – About Us

AP EXPLORATIONS "APEX" is here to make your company or business a success, no matter the size or type of company, we will help you meet your goals.

Who Are We?

A P EXploration “APEX” is here for your company or enterprise, no matter the size or type of project, we will help you meet your goals. No matter where you are based, we are a partner you can trust.

Our expert team is ready to advise you on what you need. Over the years, we have participated in major programs in the private and the public sector, executing large-scale projects in different regions of the continent.

Founded 40 years ago, our South American family of miners and explorers has become synonymous with quality service for leading businesses and corporations in the Mining industry. For over 4 decades, our clients have come from all over the globe to work with us. Regardless of the task at hand, we strive to minimize risk, maximize results, and build lasting business relationships.

Each company that comes to us has different needs, so we are here to create custom tailored solutions. With our extensive experience and our passion for excellence, we are determined that no matter what challenges your project present, we will create a working environment that is safe and economical.


A P EXploration Provide the Highest Level of Expertise and Security

  • A P EXploration has trained some of the top executives of the most successful mining companies in South America.
  • A P EXploration is a training ground for leaders in the mining industry.
  • We have developed large-scale mining projects and have discovered world-class deposits.
  • For decades our satisfied customers count on us to represent and manage their interests in South America.
  • We have helped establish a number of International companies as their South American partner.
  • The experience of our professionals, procedures and a large fleet of equipment enables us to reach more secluded areas and ensure a project comes in on budget and on time.
  • With generations of professionals, we have applied the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection, protecting the welfare of the communities where we work.

Our Strengths

Our goal is for your business to be scalable and profitable on a global level.

We can provide all the services you need, from helping you establish a company headquarters here or just managing a specific project. No matter the size, we will act on your behalf, performing all the essential tasks needed, based on our knowledge of standard business practices.

  • We provide specific services, personnel, and equipment needed for any project that is in its implementation stage. We can then set up and manage your operations. If you need our help in the long term, we will be there.
  • We establish operations in all the emerging markets, especially those looking to expand and have the potential of being excellent Investment opportunities.
  • The modular design of our organizational structure allows us to scale projects from their inception, no matter of their complexity; our services are appropriate to the size and type of project.

We have been providing services to mining companies and other industries in Peru for over 30 years. Our love for our country and our ability to speak the language of the people ensures that your project is handled with the highest quality and real accountability.

We know how hard it is to enter a new market or start a new project, so we provide everything necessary so that our customers have ‘peace of mind’. They know their venture will be in good hands.

Here is how we deliver our mission every day:

  • APEX is committed to providing continuous value to our customers through our outsourcing services.
  • We take advantage of the latest technology and implement best practices to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions.
  • We focus on quality and profitability using efficient, low cost and responsible environmental practices.
  • We respect the communities supporting the enterprises' operations.
  • We create trust with whom we work by supporting our client’s ideas and projects. We aim to develop a robust, reliable and long-term relationship.
  • We grow, create and develop opportunities; and improve together with our customers, our staff and the communities we serve.
  • We build projects with a strategy of sustained growth maintained over time to achieve profitability.
  • We use economic technical solutions to protect the environment.

To be the leader in the mining services industry and geological exploration, as well as to diversify successfully in areas associated with our company.

  • To achieve the necessary synergy for our team and our customers.To be an efficient, robust, steady and lasting business.
  • To be recognized as a leader by providing comprehensive services on the national and international level.
  • To be highly productive in delivering operational efficiency.

Responsibility – Our Team acts responsibly in all regards; from our interaction with our clients to the community we live into the environment entrusted to us.

Teamwork – We are a group of enthusiastic, passionate, talented, humble yet ambitious professionals. Each member is valuable and essential and works in unison to pursue our common goal.

Quality – We have a consistent strategy that not only governs the ability to generate and develop high-quality mining projects, but also to protect and safeguard the welfare of our employees, communities, and environment. We maintain high standards of performance.

Continuous Improvement – We are continually improving our operations and services so that we can be up to date with the latest International business trends.

Perseverance – We follow a lean thinking model that never falters under stress.

Professionalism – Our ethics and professionalism are demonstrated every day. The team at APEX delivers superior customer service.

We are always accessible – we serve beyond the contract, foster a collaborative work environment, believe in fellowship, and maintain the principle of mutual honesty in our business practices.